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What a tragedy to fall down to the ground! Never buy a bad electric self-balancing scooter

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Today saw a tweet posting that a dude complaining about his electric self-balancing scooter

which were bought only three months ago . He said he could bear  shell  cracking  and  short
endurance mileage, but he never thought that the scooter sudden power failure and leaning

could happen! He fell awfully this morning when he was waiting at the crossroads because of

the scooter suddenly lost power and tilted off. He swore he    would never   ride   that   damn

scooter out again!   

Believe that most of our friends will consider safety first when buying electric self-

balancing scooters. We are not experts and have no sharp eyes   for   its  selection.

We can be tricked by the merchants and all we could do before purchase is reading

the product brochure. Then, how can we choose a safe and reliable electric self-balancing

scooter? The author has done the research, combined with his many years’ experience

in hardware product selection, to share with you his professional knowledge in the field

of electric self-balancing scooters.


Electric self-balancing scooter industry has not developed for a long time, but it is really popular.

Believe it or not, search through big e-commerce platforms like Taobao, Jingdong , you  will  find

that the business is so hot , there are all kinds of scooter products and so many sellers . Current

Electric self-balancing vehicles for sale can be divided into two types according to their structure:

unicycle and two-wheel vehicles. Of course, electric self-balancing scooter also belongs to balancing


From a security perspective, the operation of the unicycle is more difficult and requires
some effort for skillful operation, and the safety factor is relatively low. Because of the
design of handrails, the safety factor of the bicycle is relatively higher, although it is also
operated by the sense of body. Electric scooter is more safe and easier in operation. It
does not need somatosensory control. Most people who can ride bicycles can easily ride
it by fast learning. Therefore, if you only for short-distance transportation, it is suggested
that you could choose a scooter with moderate price, simple operation and high safety.


Besides picking models, we should pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing
(mainly for unicycles, other vehicles can also take it for reference):

First check the material used for the scooter body is solid or not, we need to focus on the material of the
body and pedal design. A good unicycle should use carbon fiber for the shell material, which not only solves
the problem of lightweight fuselage, but also makes the scooter have strong wear resistance and impact
resistance, and ensures no permanent deformation after long-term use. Of course, because of the high cost,
ABS material is also common in some entry-level products. It also has the characteristics of high strength and
good toughness. You can hear the clear and crisp sound by fingers tapping. In some inferior products, in order
to save cost, the merchants mostly use ordinary plastics, which have low hardness, poor impact resistance and
bearing capacity. Therefore, you should be more careful when buying scooters.

Secondly, the pedals on both sides of the scooter are the main load-bearing parts, thus we must choose seriously
before buying. Those good self-balancing scooters normally adopt aluminum and magnesium alloy in the pedals,
which not only bearing higher load, but also guarantee good quality. In order to ensure safety, a good balance
scooter will add a layer of anti-skid rubber pad on the aluminum-magnesium alloy pedal. However, many scooter
makers in the market will not do such way just for cost saving sake. You can pay attention to this part when buying.
Of course, if the pedal uses plastic and other materials, you’d better think twice before buy it.  

Thirdly, you can pay attention to tires when selection. Most of the good tires are manufactured by decent brand

factories. If you choose inferior tires for lower cost, then it will influence your riding experience and cause potential
safety risk.  

Besides, you can check the motor and control unit. Although these two items are quite difficult for
common users to select, but as the core components of the self-balancing scooter, it is necessary to
learn more about them. In the self-balancing scooter, the electric power is the power output unit,
and the power capacity (must be rated) is directly related to the future user experience. Brand
manufacturers mostly use brushless motors and imported cores which will mark the maximum
speed limit, and also the max climbing slope ratio. Bad motor will not be labeled in detail.

The other core components for self-balancing scooter is the gyroscope of control unit, but it is far too complex
for users to compare good or bad. We can only learn product by trials to make the right choice.  

Then, check what kind of battery pack is used. Batteries, as the core of the energy supply of the balanced vehicle,
symbolize the heart of the self-balancing scooter. In terms of the types of batteries, the traditional lead-acid
batteries are of small capacity and heavy volume; the low-quality lithium batteries have low battery life and poor
stability, and their energy output does not meet the industrial standards of the self-balancing scooter, which easily
leads to insufficient power supply and power outage. We have found many manufacturers from Jingdong and other
e-commerce platforms adopting imported Samsung 18650 lithium battery packs whose quality is rather guaranteed
and service life can be extended to 1500 to 2000 fully charges and discharges, and the service time can be guaranteed
from 3 to 5 years. Because of the cost, the price of self-balancing scooter with Samsung imported battery packs is not
cheap. If imported battery packs are used in propaganda, and the price is cheaper, then there must be something
wrong. Everyone should consider it carefully before purchase.  


Having talked so much, in fact, the author has no practical experience, but based on theory to share with you.
However, I think it's important that if know nothing about these, you can consider buying some famous brand
products with better quality assurance. In order to avoid advertising, no brands listed here. You can search by
yourself. Of course, the price of brand products must be much higher than that of inferior products. It is not
uncommon to see single-wheel balancing scooters from 300 to 500 RMB at present on e-commerce platform,
but this kind of the products are really not recommended to buy. As to the cost, this part of the product is
definitely not made of good materials. For ordinary consumers, about 1000 RMB or so products, the quality
is better guaranteed. As such, these products within the price range are major selection to be considered seriously.

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  • Telephone:(86)0512-66279266

  • Factory Add:No. 1, Chongqing Road, Anyuan Industrial Zone,Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province, China

  • Email:Sales@deyou-rubber-tech.com

  • Sales HQ:Room1107, Longhu Shidai 100 Building, Shishan Road, Huqiu District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China

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